27 - 31 Jul 2022 Marsala

Street food under the stars

A visit to the market? 
Trapani shows you the fish market one, in a tempting and tasty appearance. 

Stragusto, takes place in the square of the former fish market and stays there until night, to make you taste Sicily under the stars.

The city of Trapani lights up with sounds and colors, creating a crossed pattern of smells and flavours among the stalls of the festival's summer street food.

Stragusto offers national and international taste itineraries:a journey that starts with Sicilian flavours based on nebrodi porchetta, bread with palermitan “meusa” (spleen), panelle and shaved ice. It continues with tripe and Tuscan lamprey and takes you to spicy dishes from Tunisia and Thailand.

The wine tasting is a must, to be enjoyed in an area specifically set up on the lovely terrace of the walls of tramontana.

Trapani is just a few kilometers from our Marsala winery: we invite you to our guided tours and professional tastings, which will lead you to the discovery of our wines, small prestigious productions from unique territories.

From 24 to 28 July 2019: daily from 6, 30pm to 12am.

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